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Creating a life you love during college is something that most don’t do deliberately, but you can! Here are some suggestions on how to do this:

1. Write a little blurb about yourself - 10 years in your future. Include exactly how you want your college experience to be. Use this as a goal list for what you want to do/accomplish.

2. Friends - choose friends that uplift you and help you with your goals. You only have a few years, don’t waste them on friends who cause angst and drama in your life.

3. Social Media - memories are made by experiencing not posting. Don’t spend your college years constantly posting to social media. Remember what you post can be out there forever, be mindful of what you post because it can come back to bite you.

4. Clubs - joining clubs can help you form new hobbies as well as new friends.


5. Campus Events - there will be plenty of events on campus, become involved or attend them, this will give you a sense of camaraderie with your fellow college mates.

6. Counselors - most campuses have counselors (both academic and personal) for students to use, don’t allow pride to hold you back from using these services. They will be able to help you stay on track and/or get you back on track.

7. Residence advisor - get to know your RA, they will be able to guide you, as well as help you get involved with your dorms activities.

8. Eating - eating healthy has many benefits, such as preventing the Freshman 15, but it can also keep you regulated. This isn’t something that is pleasant to talk about, but if you are always sick or your digestion is poor, it will be difficult to enjoy your experiences.

9. Exercise/Sleep - both of these are key components in creating a life that you love in college. No sleep and no exercise will throw the natural rhythms of your body off and this will affect everything else you experience. Make these both priorities.

10. Tutors - not everyone can boast perfect grades, if this is you then take advantage of tutors, if you are an excellent student, then volunteer to help others.

11. Support group - before leaving for college, gather a support group. People you can call and be honest with, this will help you during rough times.

12. Professors / academics - get to know your professors, if you are not doing well in your class talk to them - they want you to be successful too!

13. Spiritual - find a group that will uplift you and your belief system.

14. Money - many students open credit cards in college and end up in deep debt, be wary of this, find a financial mentor to guide you along.

15. Plan for your future while in college - ask those in the know about internships and opportunities you can seek out before and after graduation.

Your entire life is the life you create, use these suggestions to help you create one you love!

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