If you keep your eye on the news as it relates to college and money, it can sometimes seem like the financial outlook is bleak. We've rounded up five of the best news articles this week that show it's not all bad news. In fact, it's quite good.

"If you're part of the graduating class of 2019, consider yourself lucky — you're entering one of the best hiring markets in recent history," writes Courtney Connley for CNBC.

That's good news, indeed.

1. Graduates are pursuing their passions.

Recent graduates are so confident in today’s labor market that they’re increasingly pursuing creative passions and social service work over higher-paying, lower-risk jobs. (Harvard Business Review)

2. Private colleges are becoming more affordable.

Your chances of getting a discount on tuition at a private college are higher than ever. (MarketWatch)

3. Some programs are finding creative ways to attract students.

A college in Kansas is paying relocation and housing costs for students to move to the area, many from other states, to deal with a work-force shortage in the local aviation industry. (Inside Higher Ed)

4. Texas company offers to pay off student loans to attract workers.

Dallas-area companies, like Fidelity Investments, are offering to pay off employees' student loans in a hot job market. (Dallas News)

5. Recent grads are attracted to jobs that boast a healthy salary.

The most popular job among recent college grads pays $83,000 per year: Software Engineer (Yahoo Finance). Number 2 is Registered Nurse at $64,000, followed by Salesperson at $31,000, Teacher at $40,000, Accountant at $48,000, Project Manager at $57,500, Administrative Assistant at $35,400, Account Executive at $55,000, Financial Analyst at $59,300 and Account Manager at $52,900. 

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