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When you’re heading off to college, “time management” is hardly in your Top 10 things to think about. In fact, it’s likely that you aren’t even thinking about it at all.

Moving on to college is exciting, nerve-wracking and full of new beginnings. Making time management a priority in this era of new beginnings is key. We've compiled several tips that will help you stay on track and excel at everything you will have going on.

#1 - Get a calendar app. There are dozens available and you might find one that you like here.

At the outset of school, input everything that your teachers assign or items that you know are coming up. Set alerts.

#2 - Schedule in events as well. If there are parties, birthdays, weekends away or vacations make sure to track those as well. Having fun is important, just make sure to plan what else needs to get done around it.

#3 - Avoid brain drain. If you are studying or working, stay focused on that. Don't try to watch a movie, text friends AND write that paper. While you might think you can, you can't. And it's exhausting on your brain trying to juggle all of that at one time.

#4 - There's no need to be last minute. Effective planning means less stress, better results and more fun. Take time to figure out when you need to start studying, begin papers or projects so that you have enough time.

#5 - Get to know your RAs, professors, coaches and other school staff members. Make sure to introduce yourself early on and stop in at office hours. You might need help during the year and it's easier to get that help if they know you beforehand.

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