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When explaining your choice of college to your parents, it's probably best not to mention the great party scene, or that all of your friends are going there, or your boyfriend/girlfriend are going there. That just won't convince your parents that you've spent time truly thinking about your choice.

Here are some helpful ways to explain to your parents your choice:

Consider the obstacles

It’s possible that your parents already have a college in mind. Maybe it’s the college everyone in the family has attended for generations. This may be a very difficult choice, but ensure your parents that as much as you wanted to attend, show them how it doesn’t provide you with the tools for “your” success. Or maybe the college is very expensive, you will need to show your parents your plan to pay for college (if they are not paying or you don’t have enough scholarship money). 

Do your research

Show them that you've done your research on how to get into college and how your choice will benefit you in the long-term. Some research might include, proximity to home and/or network opportunities, cost including scholarship opportunities, your choice of major has a good program, and possibly statistics showing their student success.

Think strategically

When you take emotion out of your decisions and you bring facts, it’s hard for someone to question your decisions. This is a strategy that will help your parents understand your choices. Show them the facts by comparing your choice to your other options. Many times when you do a side-by-side comparison, the choice becomes very clear to everyone.

Inject your personality

One of the areas that many students overlook when choosing a college is whether or not it fits your personality because it sounds so unimportant, but it’s vital! Choosing a college that is completely contrary to your personality type will almost guarantee a miserable experience.

College is a time to grow, learn and explore – it’s scary and exciting, but remember that your parents are your biggest fan and they want success for you as well. After you’ve presented your decision to them, listen to them and have a discussion. If they completely disagree with your choice, ask them if they could provide you with their reasons. They may see obstacles or opportunities that you missed while on your decision-making journey.  

Regardless, this decision doesn’t have to be negative, it can be a very positive and exciting experience for all of you! It will also show your parents how thoughtful you were in making your decision. Once everyone is in agreement – celebrate! You will deserve it!

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