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Not every scholarship you apply for will have an interview component, but for those that do, the process is much like preparing for a job or college interview. Knowing your audience will help you feel ready for any questions they might throw your way. If the scholarship is related to sports, be prepared to answer questions about what you love about the game and what inspired you to start playing (and keep playing). For business-related scholarships, researching the company that is behind the scholarship and understanding their goal in offering it will provide insight into what made you stand out in your application.

Talk the Talk

Part of interviewing well is knowing how to be honest and authentic instead of simply trying to say the “right” things. Even if you are feeling underqualified, focus on what you do well, your skills and passions, and why that makes you a good candidate for the scholarship. Also, speak enthusiastically—it reminds the interviewers, and yourself, that you are excited about the prospect of the scholarship, going to college and advancing your opportunities in life. Still feeling a little leery about your interview? Check out these common interview questions and how to answer them.

Look the Part

Sometimes showing up to an interview well-dressed is about more than looking professional. Cleaning up for the interview is certainly key, but keep in mind what the scholarship is for as you pick out your outfit. Is the scholarship creative in nature, focusing more on personality than academic merit? If so, don’t be afraid to show a little personality with your choice of (professional) clothes. Whatever the scholarship, bear in mind that the interviewer is preparing to hand you a sum of money, and showing up dressed respectably will speak volumes.

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