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A new survey by the Pew Research Center founds that among adults ages 18-24, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram and are the most widely used social media apps.

This usage is mostly unchanged from the year before, signaling a growth plateau after steep gains earlier in the decade.

YouTube is the most popular social media app, with 73 percent of adults reporting use, but among 18-24, that usage is 90 percent. Instagram follows with 75 percent and then Snapchat with 73 percent.

“Majorities of Snapchat and Instagram users also say they visit these sites daily, though they are slightly less likely than Facebook users to do so,” the report states. “The shares of young adults using these platforms daily are especially large. Roughly eight-in-ten Snapchat users ages 18 to 29 (77%) say they use the app every day, including 68% who say they do so multiple times day. Similarly, 76% of Instagram users in this age group visit the site on a daily basis, with 60% reporting that they do so several times per day.  These patterns are largely similar to what the Center found in 2018.” 

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